Dine-In at Watercourse Foods

Stuffed French toast - Dine-In at Watercourse Foods - pic by Sarah K.

Nothing can compare with the joy of moving into your new luxury apartment home at Alexan Arapahoe Square in Denver, Colorado. Settle into a laid-back but never dull rhythm of life in vibrant Denver, Colorado. Spend your first weekend in Denver, exploring your new neighborhood. Treat yourself to dine-in at Waterhouse Foods for excellent vegetarian dishes. Follow where the adventure leads. You can always return to stylish apartment features and soothing community amenities when you come home. Isn’t it time to enjoy the lifestyle you always wanted at Alexan Arapahoe Square?

Watercourse Foods

When you are looking for a fantastic vegetarian meal, don’t miss Watercourse Foods. In their own words, “Watercourse Foods originally opened in 1998 on 13th Ave. in Capitol Hill as a small vegetarian café. The name Watercourse comes from the philosophy of the “water course way” which in essence means to take the path of least harm. Watercourse isn’t just a restaurant – we seek out opportunities to support those we are connected to, and uplift the voices that make our city exceptional. Our true passion is what we serve and how we serve it to all those that come to eat with us. We are a scratch kitchen that focuses on utilizing local vendors, sustainable business practices, and seeking to give more than we take. We offer a wide variety of menu items that are accessible to many dietary restrictions, and we cultivate an environment of inclusivity.” Delicious!

Try dine-in at Watercourse Foods after your move to Alexan Arapahoe Square luxury apartment homes in Denver, Colorado. Schedule your tour today!

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