Riddles and Refreshments in Denver


It’s easy to enjoy a good mental challenge once in a while, whether it’s in the form of a jigsaw puzzle with hundreds of pieces meant to create a colorful image, the daily crossword you find on a news website, or even those fun games you keep on your phone during the slow hours of the day. Our luxury Denver apartments at Alexan Arapahoe Square have no lack of entertainment around its homes, so you and your loved ones are never missing out on adventures.

Escapology is unique from most other escape room attractions, because not only does it feature great rooms to explore and solve, but a full-service restaurant and bar as well. It’s located only a fifth of a mile away from our luxury apartments, meaning that you can walk to your scheduled room in just five minutes. Escape rooms are a new trend in entertainment in which you and a group of friends or strangers will be placed in a themed room together, and your objective is to work together and use your knowledge and wits to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and escape the room before time runs out. It’s a perfect activity for weekends, birthday parties, team building exercises, and more. Try out one of seven immersive room experiences, ranging from moderate to difficult, and see if your team can beat the odds and escape. Afterwards, celebrate your victory or console your defeat in the Solutions Lounge, which serves great lunch and dinner meals, drinks, and treats for all ages and diets.

Expand your mind and enjoy something new here at Alexan Arapahoe Square. Explore our luxury apartments at Denver and book an escape room at Escapology for your next group adventure.

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