Stretch and Soothe Your Muscles in Denver


In this hectic modern world, it can be easy to forget how to take care of yourself. Regardless of how much you work or what kind of job you have, it’s important to take a few moments to pamper yourself, to let your body and mind relax and recover, and to simply stretch and sooth your muscles after a long day. Here at Alexan Arapahoe Square, you have no shortage of options for stress relief, whether you want them within the comforts of our luxury apartments or you wish to explore our great Denver location.

The LoDo Massage Studio is one of the highest rated spa and wellness venues in Denver according to TripAdvisor, thanks to its incredible massage services, refreshing private yoga courses, and overall accessibility. Their downtown location is only one and a half miles away from our luxury apartments, meaning that you can walk-in or stop for your scheduled appointment in around six minutes. Their signature massage, the Mile High Massage, is great for those who need a more personalized touch: it features a mixture of deep tissue, Swedish, neuromuscular, and prenatal massages that are tailored to your personal needs, and you can choose however long the session lasts to best fit your busy schedule. You can also take a one-on-one yoga course with a skilled trainer to achieve inner balance of body and mind, which several different yoga styles to try and a generous learning curve for those taking their first steps into their warrior poses.

Reward your diligence with a good stretch and soothing delight in Alexan Arapahoe Square. Stop by our luxury apartments in Denver and the LoDo Massage Studio for an unforgettable trip of stress relief.

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